About me...

My name is LeAnne and above all else I am a seeker. I consider my true vocation is to live fully into the questions of life and use what I've learned to encourage, uplift and inspire others.


These inner explorations inevitably give rise to a desire for self expression which, for me,  has always been primarily through writing.  When I hit my personal mid-life crisis and dark night of the soul, words failed.  Turning to my camera, I discovered a new means of expressing myself, and how creative practices can aid in spiritual recovery.  It was then that I experienced first hand how the images which attract our attention can reveal much about what wants come forward from our unconscious in order to be healed and understood.

Since that pivotal time in my life,  I've come to believe that the divine creator speaks to us most often in the language of metaphor and symbol. Through our dreams, stories, myths, poetry,  and intuitive creative practices such SoulCollage® we can receive guidance to help us in our daily lives.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, I now live and work in middle Tennessee. I hold certificates in both Spiritual Direction and  Dream Work from the Haden Institute.  My training is deeply rooted in Jungian psychology and mystical Christian tradition.  I am also a trained SoulCollage® facilitator and a member of Spiritual Directors International. I hold a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in psychology and sociology from Middle Tennessee State University.

I am a creative contemplative. If you are still reading this, there is a good chance you might be one, too.


About You...

You might be a creative contemplative if...


You have an irresistible longing to make things of beauty and feel restless (and maybe a bit crazy) when you don’t scratch that itch.

You find yourself completely present and connected to something greater than yourself when engaged in creative projects.

You are sometimes moved to tears when you encounter beauty in the world around you.

Your definition of beauty is tied as much to personal and universal meaning as it is to aesthetics.

You have a strong desire to express your spiritual experiences through poetry, dance, writing, painting, photography, music, or all of the above and more.

You are attracted to the language of metaphor, imagery, symbols and archetypes.

You need a fair amount of solitude, time for reflection, and space for creativity to flow.

You consider yourself a seeker and yearn for a deeper union with your creator.


Does this sound like you?  If so, I'm glad the road lead you here.  Welcome Kindred Spirit! 



About Us...

My mission is to encourage seekers, like yourself, along the path of greater self awareness and spiritual growth through personal creativity and the arts.


I carry out this mission in three primary ways: 

By sharing my personal practices, inspiration, and resources through The Creative Contemplative blog and other writing.

By companioning individuals on their spiritual journeys through the ancient practice of Spiritual Direction.

By offering group experiences and workshops focused on creative practices designed to ignite the spark of creativity that exists in all of us, and open the portal to divine wisdom and communion with spirit

Please feel free to reach out to me through my contact page, if I may be of service in any way.